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Family History Project

Our elders are a fascinating source of knowledge and entertainment. The Family History Project is a collection of an individual's spoken memories and personal stories. These commentaries are of historical significance to the person, their family, and often the community, as well. These are done in an interview style.



Folklore Project

Do you or a loved one possess special, irreplaceable knowledge that you hope to preserve? The Folklore Project documents a group or family's generational traditions and customs. Some examples are cultural knowledge, quilting, storytelling, recipes, crafts, songs, dances, dowsing, farm and garden, preserving, "old wives tales", urban legends, good luck charms, rituals, myths, forms of dress, survival skills, herbal medicine, etc.



Ancestry Project

The Ancestry Project involves research and documentation of a family's generational timeline. Sources may include census, images, personal letters, birth, marriage, and death certificates, and more.



Military Project

The Military Project is an interview with a veteran, with the purpose being to collect and preserve their first hand account of service life. It can include past and current images, documentation of awards, DD 214 and National Archives information, muster rolls, maps, and more.



Celebration of Life Project

The Celebration of Life Project is a collection of stories, images, and more, in print or video format, that can be shared at a person's celebration of life gathering. This can be facilitated by the person themselves, or their families, at any time.



Milestone Project

The Milestone Project records an important life event, for safe keeping and to be shared with others. Some examples of these projects include birth, graduation, marriage, documenting a restoration or other undertaking, travel, etc. It can be tied into family or community history. It will include stories, images, timelines, and more.



Personal Inventory Project

The Personal Inventory Project will document an individuals collections, heirlooms, or other personal effects. It is often done to facilitate dispersal of items in the event of the owner's passing. This Project can include images, video, audio and text, to best represent the owner's wishes and catalog the existence of specific pieces (similar to an auction catalog) for preservation purposes. Appraisals and family or item history can be included in this project.



Other services

Digital archiving of photos, slides, and vhs video tapes, for preservation and ease of viewing and sharing


Kim has been involved with ancestry, history, and research for nearly 20 years. She has created a template for interviews that is respectful, personal and mindful of each individual's past experiences. She is professional, thoughtful, and easy to talk to, and will create a collection of first hand information that can be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come.

"I don't ask questions, I create conversations"


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